How to hang plants from ceiling without drilling

Adding lush hanging plants is a great way to bring life and freshness to any indoor space. But drilling holes in your walls or ceiling can cause unnecessary damage. So, how to hang plants from the ceiling without drilling? Thankfully, there are plenty of clever no-drill methods for you to have a try.

Assess the Weight of Your Plants

Before deciding on a hanging method, consider the size and weight of the pots you want to hang. Delicate ferns and small succulents in lightweight plastic or ceramic pots will be far easier to hang than a huge trailing philodendron in a heavy container.

Heavier plants will require more robust anchors and hangers. Inspect the area where you’d like to hang them as well. Is the  surface sturdy enough to hold the weight without hardware?

Gauge the weight capacity and stability before determining the best no-drill hanging solution.

Use Removable Adhesive Hooks

Removable adhesive hooks have come a long way in strength and versatility. There are now many types specifically designed for hanging plant pots, with sturdy bases and molded hooks that can each hold 20 lbs or more.

Hang plants from ceiling

3M Command and OOK picture hanging hooks are two popular options. Just clean the ceiling area where you’ll adhere the hook, then press firmly in place for 30 seconds.

Allow the adhesive to set for 1 hour before carefully attaching your plant hanger. Adhesive hooks can be easily removed without damaging the ceiling.

Hang from Curtain Rods

For lighter plants, curtain rods or ceiling-mounted curtain track systems make excellent anchors.

Use S-hooks, cup hooks, or hanging basket brackets to attach your plant hangers to the curtain rod. This creates an instant hanging plant display above your windows.

For heavier plants, be sure to check the weight capacity of your curtain rod and hangers first. Sturdy tension curtain rods can hold more weight than lightweight decorative rods.

Employ Tension Rod Plant Hangers

Specialty tension rod plant hangers make hanging plants a breeze. They utilize two adjustable poles on either side of the ceiling to create tension and hold the hanging rod in place. Simply twist the rods and tighten until snug.

For ceilings, the hooks on the ends grip the molding or sit flush against the ceiling. Tension rod hangers can be set up and taken down quickly without any hardware or damage.

Hang plants from ceiling without drilling

Use Lighting Fixtures as Anchors

Pendant lights, chandeliers, and other ceiling-mounted lighting fixtures often make great anchors for air plant displays or lightweight hanging pots.

Using S-hooks, quick links, or clips, you can attach small hanging planters from the light fixture’s chain, arm, or top loop.

Just be sure not to exceed the lighting fixture’s weight capacity or hang plants that will block the light output.

Use Sturdy Shelving Brackets

For heavier pots, look for sturdy metal shelving brackets with a ledge or lip to safely hold plant pots. Anchor the brackets using removable adhesive strips or toggles designed for ceiling use.

You can then set your plant pots directly on the bracket ledges. Use at least two brackets per pot for stability.

While these can handle more weight, make sure you have a very smooth ceiling surface for the adhesive to grip.

Hanging plants

Hang from Picture Ledges or Floating Shelves

Picture ledges installed with adhesive hooks or toggle bolts can also act as excellent no-drill shelves to display potted plants. For a floating shelf option, you can use standards and brackets attached securely to the ceiling.

Adhere the standards with heavy-duty removable adhesive. Then install the brackets and place shelving across them. Top the shelves with potted plants for a stunning aerial garden.


With the right combination of plant sizes, weights, and no-drill hanging methods, you can create a stunning hanging garden display anywhere inside your home. Go green and get growing!

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