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Moss poles are a popular way to provide climbing plants like philodendrons and monsteras with structural support. Keeping your moss pole properly hydrated is key for the health of both the pole and your plants. With the right watering techniques, you can maintain an actively growing moss pole that promotes vigorous plant growth.

Why Does Moss Poles Need Frequent Watering ?

Unlike traditional plant stakes and trellises, moss poles are living structures that require care and maintenance. Here’s why moss poles need more frequent watering:Moss Pole Watering

The moss is alive – The moss strands wrapped around the pole must stay continually hydrated to photosynthesize and grow.

Fast drying nature – Dense moss dries out quicker than soil and needs rewetting 2-3 times a week.

Root uptake – Aerial plant roots clinging to the moss pole also absorb moisture from it.

Evaporation – The moss pole’s large surface area exposed to air increases evaporation.

Letting a moss pole dry out too often harms the living mosses and stresses your plant’s developing aerial roots. Staying on top of watering is key!

Frequency for Watering Your Moss Pole

Follow these tips to keep your moss pole hydrated:

Soak the Moss Thoroughly

When watering, fully saturate the moss until water runs through the entire pole and drips from the bottom. Avoid just misting the surface.

Water 2-3 Times Per Week

Check the moss pole 2-3 times a week by touch and sight. If the moss ever feels dry or looks faded, it’s time to water. The top and sides should remain dark green.

How to Water a Moss Pole

Use Room Temperature Water

Cool water can shock the moss. Optimal temperature is 65-75°F. And you should avoid straight water from the tap.

Occasionally Soak the Entire Pole

Every 2-4 weeks, soak the entire moss pole in a sink or bucket of water for 30 minutes to fully rehydrate.

What to Avoid When Watering Your Moss Pole

Some common watering mistakes can harm your moss pole. Be sure to avoid:

  • Letting the moss completely dry out for days at a time
  • Misting moss without occasional deep water soaking
  • Using very cold water that could shock the moss
  • Getting only the top or sides of the pole, missing patches
  • Allowing hard water or salts to build up on the moss
  • Having the base of the pole sit in water and get soggy

Watering Newly Installed Poles

For a newly created moss pole, you can follow these extra watering tips while the moss establishes:

Moss Pole for Climbing Plant

Mist the moss lightly 1-2 times per day for the first week.

Water newly wrapped moss poles more frequently – up to daily for young moss.

Avoid soaking new poles in a tub for the first 2 weeks to prevent moss displacement.

Remove any plastic wrap when watering to prevent pooling. Replace when done.

Check often for any dry spots on new poles and remist those areas.

With attentive initial watering, you can get your DIY moss pole’s moss rooted in and actively growing.


Caring for a moss pole isn’t complete without diligent watering to keep the moss alive. Please fully saturate your moss pole 2-3 times per week, misting between soakings. Always check poles regularly by look and touch for any dryness developing. Avoid watering issues by using the right water type and amount. Proper moss pole watering promotes a thriving environment for both mosses and attached climbing plants to stay healthy and growing vigorously.

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