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When it comes to enhancing your home’s curb appeal while adding privacy and visual interest, strategically placing good bushes to plant in front of your house is key.

The right shrubs and compact trees can beautifully frame your home’s façade and yard while providing multi-season color and screening unwanted views. But how do you select the perfect bushes suited to your specific needs, design style and growing conditions?

With proper planning and plant selection, you can install low-maintenance foundation plantings to welcome guests, improve aesthetics, attract pollinators, and increase property value concurrently.

Flower Bushes

Comparing Evergreen vs. Deciduous Bushes

The first decision involves whether you prefer an evergreen or deciduous variety for your front yard bushes. Evergreen shrubs retain green foliage year-round, while deciduous bushes seasonally shed leaves to reveal gorgeous branches and forms.

Evergreens like Boxwood, Dense Yew, Inkberry Holly and Junipers offer persistent cover for screening or privacy. Flowering evergreen shrubs like Camellias, Rhododendrons and Mountain Laurels boost seasonal appeal too.

Meanwhile, deciduous flowering shrubs including lilacs, hydrangea, spirea and viburnum flaunt fabulous blooms followed by fall foliage. Mix both evergreen and deciduous types together for multi-season curb appeal. Just be sure to match sunlight requirements properly.

Hydrangea Bush

Low-Growing Bushes for House Foundations

For finely manicured landscape designs, choose compact rounded bushes reaching under 3 feet tall to beautifully edge walkways and house foundations without needing constant pruning or obscuring architectural views.

Evergreen favorites like Dense Yew, Dwarf Burford Holly and Globosa Spruce work nicely as refined hedges and specimens.

Deciduous Barberry, Boxleaf Azalea, and Dwarf Weigela also remain petite while packing gorgeous flowers and brilliant fall color. Allow at least 2-4 feet between low bush plantings for ample spread room.

Christmas Plant Holly Bush

Medium-Sized Privacy Bushes Reaching 5 Feet

Need more privacy between house foundations and property lines or poolside? Medium-height bushes topping out around 4-6 feet tall optimally filter views while allowing dappled sunlight into landscape borders.

Evergreen standouts include upright Boxwood suited for tighter spaces, spiky Blue Juniper, inkberry and Japanese Holly, broadleaf Laurels, and conical Green Giant Arborvitae.

Deciduous medium bushes like Annabelle Hydrangea, Late Lilac, Ninebark, and Viburnum offer multi-season beauty followed by fall color. Avoid overly aggressive bamboo species and golden privets near foundations, instead using mow strips or rhizome barriers to contain spread.

Blueberry Plant Bush

Tall Bushes for Security and Supreme Privacy

To completely block undesirable views into backyards, plant fast-growing tall bushes reaching 8 to 15 feet along property perimeters or between close neighbors!

The towering upright Italian Cypress joins evergreens Sky Pencil Holly, Green Giant Arborvitae, Nellie Stevens Holly and various Laurels for year-round privacy. Allow enough room between plantings for sunlight and air circulation to keep foliage healthy.

Deciduous Ninebark, Arrowwood Viburnum, Hydrangea, Lilac and Large Cranberry Cotoneaster also gain substantial seasonal density to cocoon private zones into leafy seclusion.

Sweet Osmanthus Tree

Caring For Bushes After Planting for Success

To help newly installed bushes for your home’s front yard thrive, be sure to:

  • Spread 2-3 inches of organic bark mulch around plantings to retain soil moisture and reduce weeds. Avoid piling directly against crowns.
  • Deep water shrubs weekly during the first two years for faster establishment and healthier growth long term.
  • Boost flowering and lush foliage by applying specialised organic fertilizers according to package rates.
  • Prune immediately after flowering or in early spring to correct leggy growth while encouraging compact bushiness.


With proper planning, plant selection and care, you can install low-maintenance foundation plantings of beautiful bushes to elegantly frame your home’s façade for years of enjoyment.

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