Do rabbits eat pepper plants

Rabbits can threaten vegetable gardens and ornamental landscapes alike. Their formidable teeth and appetite allow them to ravage tender plants in short order. Hot peppers are a favorite target for these fluffy animals. Protecting your prized peppers requires understanding bunny behavior and taking preventative measures.

What Attracts Rabbits to Gardens ?

To understand the rabbit threat, we must first look at what draws them to landscapes and gardens in the first place. Bunnies enter yards and cultivated areas looking for:

  • Food sources – Rabbits forage on all kinds of vegetation, especially tender greens, sweet veggies, and flavorful herbs. Pepper plants provide tasty leaves, stems, fruits, even roots.
  • Shelter and safety – Dense gardens with hiding spots allow bunnies security from predators while they feed. They especially like areas near woods, brush piles, or unmowed sections.
  • Water – Bunnies need to drink daily, so moist gardens prove enticing. Drip irrigation systems and nearby ponds also appeal.

With the shelter, appetizing plants, and moisture found in vegetable plots, pepper plants inevitably catch the attention of nearby rabbits.

Pepper plants

The Vulnerability of Pepper Plants to Rabbits

Compared to many other vegetables, pepper plants have several attributes that make them highly vulnerable to rabbit damage:

  • Lack of chemical defenses – Unlike onions or garlic, peppers do not contain strong natural pest deterrents. Both hot and sweet varieties fail to repel gnawing bunnies.
  • Tender tissues – A rabbit’s sharp front teeth easily slice through the delicate stems, leaves, and fruits of pepper plants. Even woody portions get damaged.
  • Exposed location – With sizeable leaves and fruits borne openly along gangly stems, peppers lack any natural physical defense against rabbit assault. They suffer greater loss than root or low-growing crops.
  • Nutritious and hydrating parts – Well-watered pepper plants provide juicy mouthfuls for thirsty bunnies in addition to proteins, sugars, fiber and various vitamins and minerals.

With peppers serving up an undefended yet nutritious feast, bunnies quickly destroy crops down to mere woody nubs.

Carrot Plant

Deterring Rabbits from Pepper Plants

While challenging to deter, protecting pepper plants from ravenous rabbits is certainly possible. Integrating multiple tactics provides the best success:

Physical Barriers

Installing fencing, netting, or other exclusions around (or over) your pepper bed prevents access by rabbits.

Wire mesh, deer netting, chicken wire, hardware cloth, and electric lines all work when properly installed and maintained.

Individual plant cages also limit damage. Just be sure barriers extend fully around and above vulnerable plants.

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Natural Repellents

Strong scents, soils, and irritants applied directly to plants, beds or borders often effectively, though temporarily, repel rabbits.

Reapplications are needed after watering/rains.

Options include blood meal, hot pepper spray, garlic oil, sulfur dust, soap solutions, human hair, predator urine and more.

Pepper Plant

Scare Devices

Scattering decorative pins, rods, or wire balls through plants creates discomfort and uncertainty, frightening rabbits away.

Reflective materials like old CDs hung near plants also scare skittish bunnies.

Motion-activated sprinklers, sounds, and lights offer sudden shocks when bunnies enter range. And guards must be moved regularly so rabbits don’t acclimate.

An Integrated Plan for Protecting Peppers

Fending off ravenous rabbits takes diligence, adaptability and layered defense systems. installing permanent perimeter barriers helps limit garden access.

Frequently repositioning multiple scare devices maintains uncertainty. Applying various natural irritants directly onto plants alters the flavor experience during nibble attempts. Trapping overly stubborn bunnies provides ultimate relief.


Follow these guidelines, and your pepper plants finally get a chance to bear bountiful harvests rather than serve as salad bars for invading rabbits. Just don’t let your guard down, because bunnies never quit trying to breach your defenses. But with persistence and adaptation, gardeners and peppers prevail!

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